Skilled Instructions for Patients and Families to Promote Self-Care and Quality of Life:  educating our patients and their families to ensure the highest quality care—medication and therapy are usually limited to number and effect, whereas education is life long and can help a patient feel more independent and increase their confidence; furthermore, education benefits the patient's family by allowing them to understand the disease process, look for warning signs, as well as feel more involved with their family member.

Wound Care and Treatment:  employing skilled nurses to assess, document, and treat the patient's wounds as well as communicate any changes to the physician.

What we do: 

Skilled Nursing Assessments and Case Management: providing a clinical assessment of the patient while in the home environment and coordinating care with the Physician and other professionals in managing the patient.

Restorative and Rehabilitation Treatments: assisting with in-home use of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy to improve the patient's functional ability. 

Fall Risk Assessment and Prevention:  evaluation of the patient's risk to fall with the likelihood of injuring themselves and implementing preventative measures and/or assistive devices to monitor and prevent such actions from taking place. 

Round the Clock In-Home Skilled Care:  providing skilled, professional in-house monitoring of the patient and caring for them in all aspects of their daily life. 

Medical Management of Disease Processes and Medications:  communicating with the physician to care for the patient and alerting the appropriate individual/entity of any change in their physical well-being; administering prescribed medication and ensuring safety and validity while doing so. 

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living: providing care in all aspects of the patient's life including feeding, grooming, and ambulating.